Whether retirement is approaching fast or is a long way away, it is important for clients to know that they have the necessary financial provisions in place to support the lifestyle they expect to lead when they have retired.

Retirement planning is not just limited to advice on pensions and we take a holistic approach when looking into this area of a client’s personal finances.

The process of helping a client plan for retirement involves the following steps:

  • Establish the clients needs or objectives for retirement
  • Review any current arrangements and assets to see how they could be utilised in reaching these needs or objectives
  • Identify any shortfalls that may exist between the two areas
  • Advise on the right solutions to ensure that any such shortfalls no longer exist by the time the client has retired

Do you have a pension that started some time ago, maybe at a time when you contracted out of SERPS in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s?

If so, there is a chance that the provider you took the pension out with is no longer trading or, if it is, only offers closed funds with no active fund management.

Also, many providers have long since removed their direct sales force and so it is unlikely that you are still benefitting the personal service you once did.

We recommend that you contact us for a full review of your current pension arrangements. It may be the case that we can find you an alternative provider that offers a service far superior to the one you are currently receiving, with the aim of maximising the amount of pension benefits you build up by the time you come to retire.